Curry leaf Oil

Curry leaf Oil

Murrraya Koenigii (Curry Leaves) belongs to the Rutaceae family and easily found in Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Curry leaf is a small attractive green tree, which grows up to 5 to 6 feet. It has wonderfully sweet-pungent foliage, which has some unique properties. Leaves of this plant are aromatic and possess distinctive flavour along with medicinal properties.

Curry leaf essential oil is a cure for several ailments and health problems. It helps fight obesity, checks diabetes, improves vision and aids in reducing stress too. Leaves of this plant eliminate bacteria and thereby heal wounds, burns or skin eruptions. This magical essential oil works effectively for morning sickness and nausea too. It is a good home remedy for dysentery, constipation and diarrhoea.

The harvesting time for curry leaves is from July to August. Farmers harvest curry leaves post 10 to 12 months of the plantation. The harvest weighs almost 300 to 400 kg.

Curry leaves undergo steam distillation at a high pressure to extract the essential oil. The curry leaf essential oil is pale yellow with a strong aroma, which has a bitter-sweet scent. Beta-pinene and caryophyllene are also present in curry leaf essential oil.

Curry leaf has been an essential part of Indian tradition and culture. Traditional Ayurvedic medicines use curry leaves and their essential oil. Indian kitchens use these nutrient-rich leaves in cooking as a tastemaker and fragrance to enhance the taste. Curry leaf essential oil is in extensive use as a flavouring agent across South Asia. The curry leaf oil has extensive use in pickles, curries and soups.

Product Description

  • Usage/Application
  • Cosmetics and flavours
  • Odour
  • Sweet and spicy with a bitter tone
  • Purity
  • 100% pure and natural
  • Form
  • Liquid
  • Shelf Life
  • 2 years
  • Botanical Name
  • Murraya Koenigii
  • Extraction Method
  • Steam distillation
  • Pack Type
  • Epoxy can/aluminium bottle, HDPE cans, GI drums
  • Harvest
  • July to August
  • Origin of Source
  • India

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